You will need
    • Whole milk;
    • Calcium;
    • A 3-liter of the Bank;
    • The colander;
    • Gauze;
    • Bowl;
    • Plate.
Buy whole milk. Pour into a glass 3-liter jar, put in a dark place for 3 days. In any case, do not stir, do not shake and do not disturb. Good layered cheese turns out, if you follow all technological stages of its production – from fermentation before cooking. When formed a rather thick kind of yogurt, gently separate the upper oily layer is sour cream. Remove it with a wooden spoon, trying not to touch the layer below. Yogurt cutting motions as if nadsekite crosswise.
Prepare an enamel pan for water bath. On the bottom put a wooden lattice or folded in several layers of a cloth of a natural undyed fabric. Pour water, put the jar of yogurt. If the water does not reach half of the 3-liter jars, add. When an excess of water to remove the excess. Otherwise it when boiling is able to get inside.
Add 2 liters of yogurt 3 tbsp of calcium chloride as an option - put 7 g of lactic acid. Cook in a water bath for about half an hour. Then remove from heat, carefully, not shaking, not trying and not stirring, remove the jar from the pan and leave to cool. When the jar has cooled to room temperature, drain the curds in a colander. Not utrambovyvaya trying to accelerate whey drainage, it is useless.
Serve calcined curd prepared according to this technology, for Breakfast or dinner. Child enough servings 70-80 g, an adult – about 130 g. If you want you can add some fresh berries. But do not put any condensed milk or jam or honey. Sweet additives do not combine with calzinirovnie cheese.