You will need
  • - cash terminal or cellular communication;
  • or
  • is a credit card tied to the account in the payment system, with the remainder sufficient for translation.
To replenish the purse in any other payment system you can use the instant payment terminals. You need to pre-study the list of system terminals, through which you can refill the electronic purse, at the site of interest payment system. It is advisable to visit also the website of the selected operator terminal and to study the conditions and procedure for the replenishment of the electronic purse or account are also there.
In the touch menu of the terminal is usually necessary to choose section "Electronic Commerce" or a similar idea, and then from the list and enter the purse number and insert money. In some cases, for example, if the account is in the "Kiwi", an alternative identifier is cell phone number.
The most popular system Webmoney and Yandex.Money practice the binding to the purse or Bank card account. The first work with "Alfa-Bank", "VTB 24" and "Sberbank of Russia", the second "Alfa-Bank" RosEvroBank" and "Discovery".
To replenish the electronic purse you need to log in online banking, select "Transfers", and then Fund your wallet in the interests of the payment system. Depending on the Bank the transfer will be executed by default linked to the card wallet or you will have to enter his room. The Bank may require additional security guarantees. So, in the "alpha" is a one-time password sent by SMS.
Purses in the number of payment systems can be replenished in cash through the salons of cellular communication "Euroset", "Svyaznoy", "MTS", etc. Along with information on the sites of payment systems and networks of salons of communication or cellular operators will not be superfluous to clarify the availability and specific conditions in the cabin.
If it is, you are required to contact the cashier to call the payment system wallet in which you wish to Deposit to the wallet number and the amount you make.
As with most terminals, don't forget to add a percentage of the services of the salon.