Make sure they have the consent of paying the mobile phone bill. Do not transfer money to personal account with a corporate SIM card belonging to you, and your employer is banal theft. The exception is case when each month the employer puts on your phone is a fixed amount of money after the end of the month still burns (some corporate rates that is the norm so far). So they are not lost, put them in the purse immediately before the end of the billing period.
Go to the following website:
Check out the list of supported operators and regions. If your not among them, find it in the Internet is another resource designed to perform the same operation. Be careful not to run into fraudulent website.
Check the balance of your phone. Make sure that you are connected service to ban sending messages to short numbers. If you have it for one reason or another, are connected (for example, to send such messages from your phone like Pets or colleagues), temporarily disable it, make the transfer, and then connect again. Knowing the balance, calculate what the maximum amount you can transfer with the Commission (it may be significant).
Select one of the wallets you are going to fill up: ruble (WMR) or a dollar (WMZ). Use on the website, respectively, the upper or lower form. Select country, operator, enter the recharge amount and account number. Latest enter carefully so as not to confuse any numbers. Click "Continue".
In a new form, enter a phone number and email address. Press "Pay".
Your phone number will receive an incoming SMS message. Just answer it, and from the account of your phone will be charged the corresponding amount with the Commission.
Wait until the operation completes, then check that they have received funds in e-wallet.