You will need
  • is a credit card
  • - cash
  • - details of the electronic wallet (electronic account).
Use the services of Internet banks. Internet banking offers its customers are active Internet users - "alpha-Bank", Bank "VTB 24", "Revival" and other banks. Electronic purse is instantly updated from the client's account in the Bank, while the customer is charged Commission in the amount of 1-5 percent of the transferred to e-account amount.
To recharge your e-wallet with mobile phone account. The translation is instant, this service is available to users of the network "Beeline". The Commission charged is 6-7 percent of the transferred to e-account amount.
Put money into an electronic account through an ATM, many banks provide such services. The transfer fee is from one to four percent of the transferred amount, the transfer is instant.
Contact the Bank and put the money on the electronic wallet by a Bank transfer from his account at the Bank. The money will come to your email account during the day, the Commission may be missing altogether, the highest possible transfer fee – 7 percent of the amount transferred.
Use postal or Bank money order. In the case of Bank transfer the money will arrive instantly, the transfer fee will be half to three per cent, with money order, the funds are transferred within two days, the Commission will be 2.2% of the amount transferred.
Recharge of the electronic wallet in payment terminal, account credited instantly, this will incur a charge at a rate determined by a specific terminal but not less than 5 percent of the amount transferred.
The account can be replenished with electronic money, exchanging some e-money to others or direct transfer from one purse to another, in the latter case the Commission is not charged, the account is replenished instantly.