You will need
  • phone with card and money in the account;
  • -access to the Internet.
Replenish WebMoney purse via SMS – one of the easiest ways, but at the same time, the most expensive, as Commission for transfer money from your card to the email account is from 30 to 50% of the payment amount. At the moment there are many services that deal with transfer of money through SMSmessaging. Unfortunately, many of them scams.
So the choice of the website from which you want to recharge, you need to be very careful. Statistics show that about 95% of the sites that will convert your money into e-fraudsters. Websites Scam, as a rule, have a bad design, because their developers do not want to spend extra money on unnecessary, in their opinion, the attractiveness.
Besides, judging by what he saw, this site has a huge number of mobile operators from different countries, which in itself is suspicious, as it requires great organizational work. Note also the form of ownership. It is safer to deal with legal persons or sites, already established on the exchange, the input and output of electronic money. Don't forget to check the personal certificate of Webmoney and business level. Also ask about the number of negative and positive feedback, payment including VAT.
To replenish WebMoney purse, you need to know also the common purses of values: the electronic equivalent of the dollar (WMZ), ruble (WMR), Euro (WME). Generally, the exchange of money is thus: you connect to the Internet, launch your web wallet will be logged in the system, go to the website specializing in the replenishment WebMoney via SMS, enter your wallet number, country and operator, as well as the amount of the transfer, check the data and press "Continue". Then you receive an SMS with a confirmation code, you enter it in good faith in a text message and send a reply SMS.
The credited electronic money is different, depending on the service you cooperate with.