Advice 1: How to cook nettles

Nettle is considered a medicinal plant, and its beneficial properties are very diverse. In addition, nettle is used in cooking since ancient times because the nettle leaves have a delicate taste and useful properties. Almost all the cuisines of Europe offer any dishes with it. You can prepare a variety of tasty and healthy dishes from a nettle. Burning the leaves of this plant can be added to borscht and other soups, cook them into a soup of nettle and green cabbage to prepare various salads and other dishes.
How to cook nettles
To prepare nettle collect her in may when she was still "young". Early nettle leaves are more tender, they are most rich in nutrients. Before cooking the leaves to rinse well you can also scald them with boiling water.
Nettle soup is very healthy, and different people are are favorite food. A delicious dish made from young nettle spring nettle soup. To cook clean potatoes and cut it into small cubes, then put them in boiling water and bring to a boil. Nettle sort, wash, scald with boiling water and finely chop. Besides nettle leaves, you can add chopped sorrel, also you need to pre-sort and rinse. Then add to boiling potatoes for 7-10 minutes until it is ready.
Lightly fry in a pan grated carrots and finely diced onion to add at the end of cooking. We also put the Bay leaf and spices to taste. And simmer the soup on low heat for 3-5 minutes. In a bowl of soup you can put diced egg, hard-boiled. Add mayonnaise or sour cream to taste.
From nettles, you can prepare delicious and healthy salads. For this purpose, suitable only young leaves, as they are not as rigid. To prepare the Spring salad young leaves of sorrel and nettle (250-300 g) and 100 g of the green onions, rinse, Pat dry and finely chop. Then mix finely chopped 2 eggs, hard-boiled. Add to taste mayonnaise, soy sauce or vegetable oil. Salt, and better sprinkle the salad with the juice of a slice of lemon. a salad can be decorated with radishes, if desired, add pre-washed and chopped dandelion leaves or plantain.
Light Breakfast perfect scrambled eggs from nettles. Break 2 eggs and mix with the nettle leaves, washed and finely chopped. Add salt to taste and pour the mixture in the frying pan. Ready an omelette, you can decorate with greenery.
To make the cheese with nettles, RUB 200 g of cottage cheese through a sieve or fine grater, and then mix this mixture with one Cup of finely chopped nettle leaves. Add 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic, 1 tsp mustard and 3 tbsp oil. This exotic vitamin "green cheese" variety to your menu.
Another interesting dish - the meatballs of nettles. 100 g nettle boil in boiling water 2-3 minutes, drain in a sieve or colander, and after that chop. Then 200 g of thick millet porridge, mix with greens and make the meatballs. Bake in the oven and serve with any sauce that you like.
How useful nettles? It is very rich in salts, contains a lot of iron, potassium and sulfur. Nettle leaves contain carotene, flint, ascorbic, formic, and Pantothenic acid, vitamins. In addition, it cleanses the body of metabolic products and improves the blood.
It should be remembered that pregnant women are strongly advised not to eat the nettle, as it can cause them contractions and cause premature birth.

Advice 2: How to cook soup with nettle and egg

In many families there is a wonderful tradition: spring has come – prepare dishes from a nettle. Young nettle put in salads, pies and, of course, is to add a useful plant in the soup. While nettles are still young, it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, beneficial to the body after a long winter. Nettle soup can be made in post, just need to remove from the recipe the eggs and sour cream.
soup with nettle
You will need
  • - 400 gr. young nettle;
  • - 4 medium potatoes;
  • -3 eggs;
  • - salt and pepper;
  • - sour cream.
To make this spring soup, use only the young leaves of nettles. Scald them with boiling water and finely slice. Potatoes cut into either strips or cubes. Boiled it in water (if desired in the finished broth) until cooked through.
When the potatoes are cooked, in a pot down the nettles, then the dish and add salt and pepper. Immediately after that, the pot is removed from heat. Eggs should be boiled and cut into neat slices.
When you pour into bowls aromatic nettle soup, add to each plate sour cream and slice of egg.
Useful advice

The herbs nettle goes well with sorrel and spinach. If desired, they can also be added to the soup.

Advice 3: How to make silage

Ensiling is one of the ways of conservation of green plants. Silage refers to the feed is succulent and valuable food for grazing animals to improve their digestion.
How to make silage
Prepare the silage of finely ground fresh grassy plants by method of fermentation without air. For this fit green stems of sunflower, corn, artichoke, non-poisonous weeds, vines and small fruits vegetable crops. A good product is obtained by mixing the various types of green feed. To cabbage, beet, carrot leaves should be added nettle, clover, alfalfa. Preferably juicy crops before ensiling slightly podvyalit, this will reduce the acidification of the product. When cooking a full succulent feed important time of harvesting of crops for silage. Grains put them in the stage of wax ripeness of grain, grasses in the phase of earing.
To prepare silage containers: wooden boxes or plastic drums lined with brick, cemented, or simply with thick polyethylene film pit depth of 1-2 meters. The bottom of the silo cover with straw. Being siloed ground finely grind, the particle size of the cutting – 30-50 mm, to lay layers in the tank. Each layer pour salt in koliste 2-3% of the green mass, pour sour milk (1-3 liters per 1 ton of weight), you can add molasses (if ensile plants with a little sugar), good seal. Prepare the cutting in the trough, porubov grass sharp bayonet shovel or special cleaver. A more modern method – the use of household shredders feed.
When the warehouse is fully complete, 0.5−0.7 m above the surface of the earth, it is hermetically close to neo was almost out of air. Cover the cutting with foil, roofing material, pit fill layer of soil in 10 cm pay Special attention to the edges, the layer of earth on the perimeter do 15-20 cm in the Winter from freezing, insulate them with straw. Barrels, boxes, close the lids, you can cover them with clay for reliability. Store at a temperature of 1-3°C. the better the compacted mass and carefully sealed storage, the better will the finished product.
Canning succulent feed can be in plastic bags. For strength, insert one bag into another, tamp it prepared by weight and tighten. Store the bags in the barn so they don't freeze. Matures silo through a 1-1.5 months.
Useful advice
For pigs silage cook from raw root crops, fodder and sugar beet with the addition of legumes with high protein content. To reduce moisture add hay dust, grain will boost the nutritional value of silage.

Advice 4: What kind of soup is better to cook in the summer

In the hot season you want to chill, this desire extends including on food. Because the question about what kind of soup is better to cook in the summer, is more than relevant, because to satisfy the hunger is still necessary, but to do it with a fatty broth is not very desirable.
What kind of soup is better to cook in the summer
The perfect way out of this situation will be cold soups that will not only satisfy hunger, but helps keep you cool. Recipes are present in many ethnic cuisines, because the choice can be quite diverse.

Soups based on kvass

The ingredients of these soups depends on personal taste preferences. Traditional-based soup called okroshka is vegetables and herbs. It can be completely vegetarian when it is made of finely chopped boiled potatoes, radishes, cucumbers and greens, and with the addition of animal products. It can be as boiled eggs or meat and sausage, and some recipes can be seen in the composition of the hash even canned fish, although the appearance of such dishes that are not less peculiar than its taste. Kvass is used as white and sweet red.
If you wish, or intolerance of kvass it is possible to replace the not-too-fatty kefir, yogurt and even cucumber or cabbage brine.

Sweet cold soups

These summer recipes soups are especially good for families with children as the last of them is especially appreciated. This is quite understandable: more and more like soups like desserts and are radically different in taste and composition from what is usually fed for lunch. Recipes sweet soups you can develop by yourself, you need only to find matching the taste of the fruit and pour their milk or not too fat yoghurt. If you want to get a more hearty dish, as a Supplement to the fruits can be used separately boiled not very large pasta or noodles or white crackers.
In addition to sugar, to soups based on milk or yoghurt you can also add a variety of sweet syrups, which help change the taste.

Other recipes of soups in the heat, not requiring a long-term presence at the plate

These include beetroot, beet soup, gazpacho and many other recipes. Beetroot should be cooked in the broth of young beets. A must-have addition to this recipe is the spoonful of sour cream or heavy cream, well, and the composition of the soup is similar to the hodgepodge of greens, vegetables and eggs. Botvinya is also a kind of hash, because it is based on brew, but the dominant ingredients in this recipe become fresh sorrel, beet tops, spinach, nettles. Their crushed and mixed with cucumbers, boiled with fish and beets, then pour kvas. Less common, but no less delicious gazpacho soup, which is a mixture of vegetables and bread soaked in crushed tomatoes, mixed with vegetable oil and vinegar. Thus, the composition of the soup may vary, will remain unchanged only its main ingredients: tomatoes, greens, vegetable oil, vinegar and bread.

Advice 5: How to make fertilizer from nettles

Recently, the "green" fertilizers are becoming increasingly popular among estate owners. Such feeding is effective, economical, useful to plants and soil. Especially valuable fertilizer is considered to be infused with nettle.
How to make fertilizer from nettles

How to make fertilizer from nettles?

Nettle extract cook preferably in a wooden barrel. Utensils made of metal should be avoided.

Gathered nettles need to chop, load into the barrel (or other container) and cover with water. Fill the rest not worth it, because nettle sludge during the further fermentation can foam. Stir the mixture daily with a stick to release the oxygen. The barrel should cover lid.

In hot weather fermentation processes occur very rapidly. While the mixture odor. To get rid of it in a barrel to add a few drops of tincture of Valerian extract. Fermentation of nettles lasts about two weeks. "Swill" brighten, so it's ready for use.

How to use nettle fertilizer?

Fertilizer is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 and poured at the root of the plant.

Especially useful for such feeding of tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, cabbage, celery. If plants have evolved sluggishly, then after the irrigation nettle plant health in a few days positively will improve. Fertilize the plants once a week 2-3 times. On 1.m use 3-4 liters of solution.

What plants should not be watered with nettle fertilizer?

This fertilizer should not be applied when growing beans, peas, onions.

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