You will need
  • -old coat;
  • -from 1.8 to 3.6 m flannel depending on the width;
  • -Laundry gum;
  • -sewing machine;
  • -needles, thread, scissors;
  • -paper patterns.
Measure the inner part of the stroller. The envelope should be free to fit and not wrapped around the edges. Draw on paper a rectangle with sides equal to the length and width of the envelope. Draw the pattern of the pocket. It is a rectangle, whose width is equal to the width of the inner part of the stroller, and the length is at your discretion. You can make a pocket just for the legs of the child, and you can make it long to out peeking only his head.
Take details from the material which will stitching. If you are doing fur envelope, you need to make 1 item is "mattress", 1 pocket detail and fur of one piece of fabric. Don't forget about allowances. For the envelope, made entirely of fabric, make 2 parts. Take the details of batting. Their number depends on the number of layers.
Determine which side will be the mech. Most convenient to do the envelope with fur on the outside and the wrong side of the sheathing fabric. If there is a soft gasket, the worse this becomes. Fold the details of the pocket, right sides together. Baste one of the short sides.
Fold the resulting workpiece wrong side to each other. The envelope of tissue Tutuila seam, fur this is not required. Keen and prostrochite line at a distance of about 2 cm from the existing seam. You now have a drawstring. Pass her a piece of gum. Then secure it with the tailor's pins at a distance of 4-5 cm from the edges.
Fold the details of the "Mat", right sides together. If you make the envelope of insulation, the first seal layers with a few stitches. Put insulation on the wrong side of one of the rectangles and sweeps parts.
Sweeps and sostrochite one of the short sides of the rectangle and two long to the point where it will be the top of the pocket. Turn on the front side and zautyuzhte seam. Zautyuzhte inside the unit unsealed sections.
Put the slices of the pocket between the layers of "Mat". Baste and stitch detail on the front side at a distance of approximately 0.5 cm from the edge. Slightly pull the elastic top of the pocket, baste the ends of the elastic to the side edges of the pocket. Tuck them into the side seams and astrocyte.