You will need
  • - overhead strands with rhinestones, the rhinestones on the line or with silicone holders;
  • - the hinge;
  • - metal eyelet;
  • tongs for hot build-up.
The first way is overhead strands with rhinestones. Attach them to hair is pretty simple. Complete with strands sells a special little clip that is easily attached to the roots of the hair. Their color can be matched to the natural tone or lighter to get the effect of highlighting. Wear strands with rhinestones you can always, and if desired, easy to remove to use again and again. If properly cared for overhead strands with rhinestones, the time of their life will be 3-6 months.
The second method is the rhinestones on the line. The procedure of mounting more difficult, but the result is worth the effort. Fishing line attaches to the hair with creative capsule. To attach the capsule, make the middle hair parting. Take a small strand of hair ( thickness about 2-3 mm) on which you want to attach the rhinestone, twist it in the flagellum. Put capsule on the hinge. Thread the strand of hair through the capsule. Capsule, slide to the roots of the hair.
Heat hot Curling increase to the maximum temperature. Pull a strand of hair, and the capsule hold down the hot tongs. It should be flat. In this way, the mount is almost negligible. With proper care, the line with the capsule stays on the hair for about 2-2.5 months.With proper care, the line with the capsule stays on the hair for about 2-2. 5 months. If you want to attach the rhinestones for a short period of time (about one week), you can use fishing line with a loop, which is tightened at the base of the hair strands.
Another way to decorate hair with rhinestones, attach them with silicone holders. In the kit they usually come with a metal eyelet. To attach rhinestones, highlight the section of hair. The loop insert the required number of crystals, thread them on the hair. These crystals are suitable to decorate the hair of any length. You can use them many times. The hair on these crystals, with proper care, are kept for about six months.