How to burn a data disc with Nero StartSmart

When the utility starts, the screen displays the start screen of Nero StartSmart, on the left side which are selected frequently used functions. To work with them is not required to run additional applications. If you want to transfer to disk any file with the documents, click on the icon labeled "Write data".

To burn settings, click on the icon with the image of a hammer, located in the upper right corner. You can choose the burning speed and tell the program whether to check the written data after the process is complete. To confirm the selection and close the preferences window, click OK.

In the right part of the window, "burn the data" fill in input field by specifying a name for the disc. Drop-down menu located below is provided for selecting the drive used for recording. If you select Image Recorder, the program will create a disk image that will be saved on the computer. The save location is specified in the corresponding text box.

The bottom line should specify the path to the recording file. The Add button allows you to choose files by a simple mouse click. The "capacity" displays the amount of used and free space on the disk. The "Delete" button is designed to remove unnecessary files.

In the same row are two more buttons. The first displays the folder one level above the selected file, and the second is to create a new folder in the content area. When you are finished selecting files, click "Burn". The program will begin burning the disc. The course record will be displayed in the status bar in the final window appears with the report on the done work.

Record audio CD in Nero StartSmart

In the left part of the start window, click "Record sound". You can create:
- an audio CD that will play on all the domestic players; the recorded files are automatically converted into Audio CD format;
- MP 3 Jukebox disc; will create a disc with audio files in MP 3 format to listen it on the computer or MP 3 player;
- Jukebox disc in Nero Digital™ Audio+ (NDA+); features high-quality sound is played only on players that support this format.

When you create the CD you need to specify the title and artist name, this text will appear on the display during playback. When you create Jukebox disk enter the disk name. It will also be shown on the screen.

All other actions do not depend on the type of disk. Using the scrolling list, specify the path to the drive. Selecting audio to record, on a scale of volume of keep track of the availability of free space on the disk.

In the Parameters window, specify the burning speed and the need for verification. Click on the "Burn" button. Will start the burn process the disc, which can be seen in the status bar. The results will be shown in a separate window.

Disc burn Nero Express

Although Nero Express is highly functional, the interface of this app is quite simple, and the standard settings allow you to obtain a good recording quality. For more advanced users the opportunity to use numerous features of the settings in the Options window

To burn a disc, you should select the project, add the files and start the burning. In Nero Express you can burn both CD and DVD. Disk selection is performed at the stage of creating the project, the burn process is absolutely similar.

Work begins in the starting window of the program. In his left side lists five options for the project:
data — allows you to record on disk any files and folders;
- music — allows you to create a selection of audio files and audio books in any formats and burn them to a CD;
- videos/images — allows you to choose the video and/or image files for burning to CD in VCD/SVCD or DVD-Video;
image, project, copy — used to copy files from the source disk and create a disk image;
- print LightScribe label — opens a window for creating labels.

After selecting one of the options provided opens a "project Window". In addition to the standard functions, selection and sorting of files, there are options that are used when creating audio or video.

Select the files to record and, if needed, specify additional settings for the project. Insert the drive in the appropriate blank disc and click "Next". A window will open "Final burn settings". To select the drive use the drop down menu "Current recorder".

Fill in the text fields that specify the name of the disk, and when creating an audio or video file add the artist name and title. Check the necessary functions. Advanced users can go to the menu "Advanced settings" to access additional properties.

Click "Burn" to start the burning process. Stroke burn will be displayed in the status bar. After the process window appears, in which the results of the operation. Click OK.

Nero Burning ROM

A powerful application for burning all types of disks and of recording data, music, videos. Allows burning with all the individual requirements of the user. Among other functions, it is possible to determine the filesystem of the future of the disc to specify the length of the file name and choose a character set.

There are a number of additional options used to create audio and video disks. But despite the abundance of functions that work on the project can be divided into three stages: the choice of project type and disc format, additional configuration; create a file stack for recording; setting up and starting the burn process.