You will need
  • image of a bootable floppy of Windows 98 or Windows ME;
  • program flasher and the BIOS firmware downloaded from the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard
To reflash the BIOS you need to download from the manufacturer's website itself firmware, program-flasher. Also download a bootable floppy image for Windows 98.
Create a bootable disk, specifying the path to the image file of a bootable floppy disk and writing the appropriate files disk the BIOS. This can be done using Nero or Ultra ISO. The algorithm of record in these applications is similar. You must open the file system image using the program and copy the files from the BIOS.
Reset BIOS. To do this, remove the battery from the motherboard for about 10 minutes, or set "Load BIOS Defaults".
Insert the recorded disc into the drive, restart the computer. Start a command prompt. Type "dir" will display the firmware files and the BIOS. Copy the virtual disk files awdflash.exe and copy nf3916.bin using the command copy ("copy awdflash.exe C:" and "copy nf3916.bin C:").
Go to the relevant section, with the command "C:". Set the options "awdflash nf3916.bin oldbios.bin /py/sy/cc/cp/cd/e".
Copy the old version back to the disk (command "copy oldbios.bin A:, and restart your computer using keyboard shortcuts, Ctr, Alt and Del. You can go into BIOS and make the desired settings.