You will need
  • - 80-100 g of yarn;
  • - spokes № 2,5-3;
  • - two large knitting pins;
  • hook № 2,5;
  • - the tape;
  • - scissors;
  • - large needle with a wide eye;
  • little stops for lace;
  • - lace tonal thread;
  • - detachable zipper or buttons for closure.
In order to build a pattern jumpsuit for dogs, measure length of back from collar to tail, the girth of the neck (it can be measured by expanding the collar) and chest girth.
Start with what link the sample of 10x10 cm, and calculate how many loops obtained in 1 cm and Then count how many loops for stacked series. For example, in 10cm sample turned 30 stitches, therefore, an inch is 3 loops. If the volume of the neck 22 cm, so you need to score 66 loops.
Knit, starting with the neck. Dial 66 loops and provarite desired length of the neck band 1x1 or 2x2. Next, add a loop so that a number of holes for lace. Do yo under a thread and repeat it after 5-6 loops. An odd number provarite rubber band.
. The number of loops for gain, calculate as follows: calculate the difference between the girths of the chest and neck. This difference multiply by the number of sample loops in one centimeter.
Next, knit in pattern to the foot. Now you need to make holes for the sleeves. Divide the canvas into three parts. The middle part consists of 12 loops (the two loops will be the boundary), and the extreme end of the divide in half. Throw off the hinges in two parts on pins and knit separately. The length of the slits is equal to the length of the back divided by three. If this measurement is 24 cm, the size of the slits is 8 cm
Now, connect all three canvases at one provarite 8 inches. Further provarite holes for the back feet, only in this case, you should divide the canvas into three equal parts. Close the loop middle portion. The extreme part knit separately 8 inches (these details would be to close the croup of the dog).
Tie the slit on the back with a hook columns without nakida.
Tie the sleeve, gradually decreasing the number of loops. Don't make the sleeves too long, otherwise, it will be difficult to wear jumpsuit. Sleeve length 5 inches what you need. The leg tie is slightly longer than 7-8 inches. Sleeve vsheyte in the slots. Sew pant legs. Please note that the inner part of the leg should be left free.
Cut the cord 4-5 inches longer neck. On one side slip limiter. Pass the lace into the holes on the neck and fasten the second limiter.
Vsheyte the zipper on the back or punch the buttons. You can go for a walk in a new outfit.