First select the fabric for the future suit. The top is preferably done from raincoat fabrics, and lining perfect flannel.
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Then remove the measurements. To remove only need one measure – the length of the back. To do this, put a collar on the pet. Next, measure from collar to start of tail. Divide the measure by 8 to find the square side of the grid, which is the pattern.
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Draw a grid, move it to the picture pattern. Item No. 1 – two halves of your suit is the right and the left. Detail No. 2 is the wedge that covers the belly and chest Terrier. This detail is sewn with the narrow end between the front legs.
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Cutting the fabric according to the pattern, don't forget to seam 1-1,5 see
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Sewn any clothing items and consistently sweeps them.
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When fitting to adjust the length and width of the legs.
Prostrochite all the seams on the sewing machine. Gather the elastic hem.
Ready jumpsuit will be suitable for your pet. It will not restrict its movement and provide protection from wind and rain.
We hope that our tips will help you create a personalized and original style for your dog. A bright and unique costumes made with their own hands, will cause only delight, delighting the eyes of others.