Buy the kid a tray with low bumpers. Some breeders lay a newspaper, an absorbent disposable diaper and even car mats. By the way, mats dogs prefer to do their business, however, this kind of love, chuhuahua to the car supplies very difficult to explain. In any case, choose to your taste, but keep in mind and preferences of the dog. Do not select a tray with the grid, the kid is unlikely to appreciate it.
Be patient and be careful, try to follow the animals when possible. If the dog wants to use the toilet, behavior changes, starts vanity and a short search for a suitable place. In this case, take the puppy to the toilet and gently explain that it is possible and impossible.
как приручить взрослую собаку
If the carpet is still attracted, chuhuahua his NAP and nothing can be done, take a normal rag and blot the urine, then put it in the tray. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and prefer to go to the bathroom where they left the scent. Cloth in a tray to entice the puppy, and he's interested in the toilet. But with the carpet thoroughly eliminate odor by any means of chlorine.
собака приручить лоток
If the kid just before he could reach the tray, so the route is too long and should be reduced. Put another tray or just spread the newspaper. The next time you need a strong puppy will use the spare toilet seat and make a puddle on the floor.
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In pet stores sell a tool Repeller-Antibes", it's their smell deters from the strictly prohibited areas of going to the toilet, and the baby passes them by. Treat the required area by this means. Usually it works well, and the puppy is trying to do wet work in the treated place.
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Praise the puppy and intermittently and remind him about the tray. Do not despair if something does not work, eventually the Chihuahua will master place to dressing cases and stop watering so attractive for him the Palace.