You will need
  • - persistence and determination;
  • - knowledge and interpersonal skills;
  • - self-confidence;
  • - the ability to conduct a conversation;
  • - business cards.
Find the customer's insurance agent over time becomes more difficult because there are many competitive companies which offer similar services at similar rates. How in such conditions to make a potential client? The first and most important - appearance. No matter man or woman, the insurance agent should always look presentable and neat, but in any case, it's not too fancy. Beautifully and stylishly dressed man can make conversation with a housewife and businessman, Director of a large company. Pick a few variations of costumes.
You can look perfect but not to enter into any contract of insurance. The reason is uncertainty. You need to learn how to hold the attention of a potential client, inspire conversation, try to make you think about the need for insurance of an object, the values of life. Insurance agent, first and foremost, a good psychologist. Learn to communicate with people, don't be afraid to approach people and feel confident during the interview.
Learn to emphasize the advantages of insurance your company in front of others, not offending at the same competition. Knowledge of all the intricacies of the insurance product, the ability to explain any subtlety, to find arguments in favor of buying a policy - the main task of an insurance agent. Learn to speak persuasively and to the point, practice quietly to divert the conversation in the right direction to the insurer. Train yourself to operate with your knowledge and life facts.
The perfect end to a dialogue between a potential customer and insurance agent - the signing of the insurance contract. For the transaction must not only be able to do the right thing while Dating, but to be able to give a man mind. More than 90% of transactions at the first meeting. Rehearse possible options.
Even if the conversation ended, and the client did not want to purchase insurance, do not despair. Say goodbye to the person, leave a business card with personal phone number and offered to call us if you need the services of an insurance agent. Only if the conversation ended on a pleasant wave, there is a possibility that the other person will become a customer of the agent.