For a start, as you have, and your receiver must be connected to the Internet. In most phone models configuring multimedia messaging is the default and requires no additional configuration. In other words, the MMS works on GPRS and, as a rule, is connected simultaneously with the GPRS service.
To connect Internet in your mobile you can contact the relevant salon or call the free information service on your network, where you will be given detailed instructions on how to connect.
If you are sending MMS on your cell phone out, then this service is not connected automatically and should be configured independently. To do this, consult the free information service your network. Your message will be sent with the settings. Save in your phone the settings. If your phone model does not support automatic installation, fill in the fields manually, using the data from the received message.
To send photos to your phone menu select "Messages". Open "MMS message", then "Create new". To add the photo you want to send, open the Overview. Select the desired photo and it will automatically be in the message box. Enter the phone number to send or locate the caller in the contacts list. Click "finish" and send the message.
There is another way of sending multimedia messages. Locate the desired picture. Open "Options", then "Transfer". Of the methods of transfer, select "message". The photo will automatically be in the message box. You just have to specify the phone number of the recipient or in contacts. Send a message.