Check your phone to connect to the Internet. In modern models of mobile phones configuration for the transmission of multimedia messages should be implemented by default. Additional configuration is not required. If Internet is not connected to a cell, you can go to the salon or call in the information service network where you will be very please. There and will give recommendations on connecting.
Try to send MMS photos to other mobile phone. To do this, click cell locate Messages. Hit "MMS", then "Create". Add a photo you want to send, it can be found in the Survey. Select the desired picture. It will appear immediately on the screen. You need to specify the number of the required subscriber to send, which you'll find in the contact list. Click "done" and the message is sent. But there is another option to transfer the pictures and photos.
Find the desired image. Next, open "Options", then "Transfer". Choose a transfer method "message". This picture you will see in the message box. Then find the recipient in your contacts list and specify the phone number. Left to send message.
Upload the photo to another mobile phone using Bluetooth. This device is often built into the phone. Select a picture, press Options, then press "Send". From the submenu that appears, locate the Bluetooth. If found another device when you search, then you can start uploading the image. But remember, the other cell will be found if the distance of the phone receiver does not exceed 10 m.