You will need
  • - curlers or a Curling iron of large diameter;
  • - comb;
  • mirror;
  • - foam or gel for styling hair;
  • - lacquer for the hair;
  • - mirror.
To get beautiful big curls, they must be properly screwed. You first need to choose a curler or Curling of the appropriate diameter. Hairdressers say that when you choose curler diameter should be about twice as thick as the desired size of curls. The same applies to the attachments for the tongs and plates. To create large curls or waves, you will need curlers or tongs of large diameter.
Before you start to wind the hair, they need to properly prepare. First wash your hair and dry it. To wind wet hair is useless - the curls won't hold. Then comb your hair and brush their locking gel or cream for styling. If hair is thin or very elastic, you will need a especially strong locking agents. However, keep the hair, when using them not to stuck.
Start to wind the hair from the bottom strands. To curls were strong and taut, the curler should be possible to fit snugly to the roots of the hair. To do this, take a strand in your hand, turn it a bit around the axis to form a soft rope and curl it on the curler in the direction of hair growth. In this case, the curls will look as natural.
If hair is thick, wrap them in several rows: first the lower strands, then top. While wind the bottom row, the top hair should collect on top and secure with clips or Bobby pins. When waving do not pull the strands too tight. You should not have the feeling of tautness of the scalp.
Coiling hair all over the head, again as it should dry them Hairdryer. Keep the curlers on your head for as long as time permits. After they are removed, do not brush the curls with a brush or with a fine comb. Instead, gently remove them with your fingers and give them the desired shape. Then further styling fixing spray them with hairspray. In this case, your hairstyle will last throughout the day.