You will need
  • wooden trellis;
  • - iron pipes;
  • - brick;
  • - covering material.
Rule folding piles depend on where they are placed. The most simple variant is to add up all the firewood in the woodshed. They will be under a canopy that protects from rain, and the stack will be backed on all sides.
Regardless of what kind of wood it is necessary to put - birch, pine, aspen or other, first they need to cut, split and leave in the sun for complete drying. Therefore, firewood is best done in the spring. If in the woodpile to lay down unseasoned wood dried out, they will shrink, which will lead to the collapse of the woodpile, as if it is not tightly stacked.
If the firewood stack in the woodshed with the floor, then nothing further down the pile lay is not necessary. If no sex, you need under every woodpile lay a long trellis to the wood is not saturated with moisture, which is present in the earthen floor.
On the bottom are stacked straight, long logs. All the following rows lie close to each other. That is necessary to put separately each log, and not to bring down the bulk and then spread out, dense masonry will not work.
To the woodshed you can make this amount of stacks as you need, and how many can fit. Each following stack should start, digressing a little from the previous one with a slight slope towards the installed wood.
If the wood stack in the open space with no walls on the sides, you need to install a wooden trellis or iron pipe down to lay a trellis, boards or red brick in a row.
Masonry is also the same as in the woodshed. But on the sides is a connecting grid of smooth wood. To install it you should a row be laid lengthwise, the other crosswise. Once all the firewood is stacked, the bundles should be on top to cover to protect from rain.
There is also a method of placing a stack. For this you need to put a wide hem all around, tightly stacking the logs in a circle and start the whole clutch. Each following row should be added to overlap the already folded a number. But this method is rarely used due to the fact that take up much space and because of the unreliability of installation.