At the end of the summer season, inspect the furnace and chimney for cracks and crevices between the bricks. If the stove is whitewashed, it is very easy to identify the traces of soot on the whitewash. Small cracks apply a clay mortar, large cracks repaired with clay with the addition of gravel. Thoroughly clean stove and chimney of ashes and soot. Do not leave valve closed: if they freeze, then when you open you run the risk of them jam or break.
Prepare the wood in advance. Preferred deciduous trees – birch, oak, aspen. Put them in a well-protected from rain and snow place and dry it within 1-2 years. If to feed the furnace raw wood, a significant portion of heat (30 to 50%) will be spent on evaporation of the liquid and lost, and the condensate will begin to destroy the chimney. Put the logs into pieces about the same size (thickness 5-10 cm 5-10 cm less than the dimensions of the firebox). Keep in the house for the firewood on the furnace 2 days to have time to evaporate residual moisture.
Melting the stove after a long break, first warm the flue to restore traction. If this is not done, then the tube cold air in the pipe the smoke will not go out and into the room. Open damper and ashbox's door. Twist the tube a few sheets of paper, light it and push the inside of the chimney through the cleanout door or flap opening. The appearance of buzz in the pipe would mean that the tube is pushed and power has been restored. Remember to close the cleanout door.
Place on a grate crumpled newspaper, birch bark, thin twigs and chips, then small logs on top of them and larger. Do not place the logs close to each other and leave a gap of 10-15 cm between the upper row of wood and ceiling of the firebox. Make sure that the damper is fully open, and the ash-pit door is ajar. Ignite the paper and close the furnace door. Once the wood is well breaks out, cover the ash-pit door, leaving a small gap for air.
To the wood burned evenly, 2-3 times stir it with a poker in the process chamber. Do not open furnace door too often as this leads to strong cooling of the furnace. As soon as the first firewood load to burn through large coals, make a new one. When burned it and evenly distribute the coals on the grate and cover the choke 2/3 to heat does not go into the pipe. Do not cover it completely, as this may cause carbon monoxide poisoning. To close the valve can be 10-15 minutes after the embers darken, flecked with ashes, and blue flames over them disappear.