Just to fill in the questionnaire hardly anyone will agree. So you should plan the event with prizes or discounts on purchases. Regular customers will definitely take part in it. For this they have to fill out a questionnaire, which you need to enter all the questions.
First paragraph - name, surname, patronymic. Man is always pleased when he is addressed by name. For marketing studies these data are not too important. Of course, if you do not plan to calculate how much the store comes up with Ivanov and Sidorov.
Gender of the buyer. Here it is important aspect. To know what more is in store, men or women, it is important when planning an advertising campaign. If you seek to attract new customers is to target your advertising to persons of that gender who makes less. And when you need to retain and expand existing audience, the campaign is directed to the predominant gender.
Age. This graph also serves to help marketers in planning advertising campaigns. The best age of the buyer is considered to be 30-50 years. That is attracting these people is to pay close attention.
The social status of the buyer. This can be identified by asking the question: "How much do you spend on average per purchase in the store?". In addition, you need to ask: "How often do you visit our store?". This will allow us to understand how wealthy people usually come into trading pavilion.
It is very important paragraph: "comments and suggestions" or "What would you like to change?". So you can get buyer feedback. And control Department will know what violations are present in the store, and will be able to fix them.
Contact information - email address or phone number. In that case, if a raffle will be held closed, these data are needed to notify the winners. Another e-mail or mobile phone, you can send information about discounts, sales and other interesting buyer events.