Scheme "to produce, then buy no longer relevant. The benchmark has shifted to the tastes of consumers, their attitudes, needs, secret desires. In addition, now people are free to Express their opinion on any issue.
The structure of the questionnaire follows:1. Introduction. A place to welcome and explain the purpose of the questionnaire.
2. Instructions for completing, if required. The rules clearly specify that any Respondent could understand them the first time.
3. Information about the meeting. If this is an anonymous survey, please skip this paragraph.
4. Questions
5. Thanks or the wishes of the Respondent.
Before you begin to come up with questions, identify the purpose of the questionnaire what result you want to see at the end of the survey. Write down a diagram of logical transition from one stage to another.
Follow the rules of drafting issues. Match the questions in order from easy to difficult. So, the Respondent would loosen up and be ready to answer more personal questions. Formulate questions clearly, without hidden meanings and complicated turns. Consider all answers with closed questions. Leave enough space to answer in public. Do not use momentum, which may push a Respondent to answer incorrectly. Be always neutral. Don't make filling in the questionnaire to make complex calculations. Break down necessary data on a few questions and perform the calculations at the stage of processing of the questionnaires. Respect your Respondent. Be polite and careful in expressions. Nothing should arouse dislike or embarrassment.
Do not forget to check the questionnaire. Read it aloud and cross out any extra words that carry no information and just clutter up the text. Achieve clarity and correctness of wording. Check that the level of questions and the target audience. Hand out some questionnaires to friends. All emerging misunderstandings, please note if you want to completely rewrite some questions.
If the answer to the questions is easy and simple, it does not cause difficulties in perception and negative emotions, is filled in one breath, then made right and ready to survey.