A three-legged frog, which can be easily purchased at any store of pleasant things and gifts, Feng Shui is a talisman, attracting money luck, wealth and prosperity to the house in which it lives.
In addition, toad in Feng Shui – it is also a symbol of immortality (longevity), as certain species of frogs can live a very long time, up to 40 years. This statue, as a rule, is executed from natural materials and is a different size figure of a toad sitting on a pile of Chinese coins and/or holding coin in the mouth.
It is important to not just buy a toad for interior decoration at home, garden, office, etc., it is important correctly to place it in the room.
Place the frog on the bottom of the fountain or the pond of the garden (if any). How do you think the Chinese, that while in the water, the toad is able to bring more money energy.
If bodies of water in ornamental fountains or pools you have, define the South-Eastern side of their homes (a room or space in the room).
Put the frog on the floor, the nightstand or Desk on the left side (far left corner) of your desktop or bed. This should take into account the fact that the frogs are afraid of heights and place them too high you should not.
Turn the frog so that she looked inside the room or house (depending on placement).
Put it under the frog smooth a bill.