You will need
  • automotive filament lamp, welding ballast resistor.
To reduce the charging current during charging a car battery charger from a simple rectifier connect in series with the charging circuit of the automobile lamp which will act as ballast resistance. For this solder to the conclusions of the two lamp wires, then disconnect from the battery to any wire going to the charger. In the circuit connect the lamp with wires soldered to it. Connecting in the circuit of different power lamp, change the current circuit for the charging current of the battery.
To lower the welding current when welding with the use of a simple welding transformer, having in its composition any of the regulatory devices that connect to the circuit low voltage special welding ballast resistor consists of a metal spiral, made of a material with high resistivity. Disconnect from the terminals of the welding transformer, the welding cable with the electrode holder. Connect one output of the ballast resistance to the same output of the welding transformer.
Now, inserting the end of the wire with the electrode holder between welding coils of the ballast, change the total resistance of the welding circuit, and hence the magnitude of the welding current. To reduce the welding current to move the terminal wire of the electrode holder in the direction opposite from the connected to the welding transformer to the output of ballast resistor.