You will need
  • - thick paper
  • - paint or markers
  • stealth
  • - clay or plastic
  • glue
  • - bezel
  • red foil or fabric
  • - strong hold gel or wax for modeling of hair
The simple horns are made of thick paper or thin cardboard sheet of drawing paper. Draw with a pencil and ruler on paper two identical rectangular triangle with strips on the bottom side, cut the figure along the contour. Roll the triangles into cones. If the paper you have white, paint it in desired color. red or black markers or paints. With strips attach the resulting horns with Bobby pins to the hair.
Blind horns in the form of curved cones from clay or plastic. Wrap them with a cloth or foil so that the clay mass is not looked through, otherwise the hair can become entangled in it. Using a drop of glue for the fabric attach the horns to the thin bezel and put it on.
If you have short hair, you can make horns out of them. To do this, take two strands of hair on equally remote distance from the parting, and highly necesite them. Using wax for modeling of hair gel or strong hold give the strands a conical shape. Give rozhkam bright hue will help the nail or hair.