Develop your feelings. As much as possible use all his senses to live in the moment. Pay attention to everything you see, feel, smell, taste, feel and hear. Do not forget about what you think and what are your thoughts about it. Remember your emotions.
Be aware of the fact that you are not your thoughts. Generating observations of the world around you, you are already creating a certain distance between you and your thoughts. Your thoughts are not you own. Expand your mind, drop all thoughts to experience the whole palette of what is happening around. Show a healthy curiosity for everything that could happen in this moment of your life. You realize that you basically live in thoughts of the past or the future. If you learn to stop the flow of your thoughts, in this moment, you will perceive a real life now.
Take control of your mood. Not only will you feel better if you smile, you will feel a rush of excitement when you notice a smile in reply. This is the energy exchange. The perception of the world in two different moods – good and bad - will lead to two different results. In high spirits attentiveness to the world around them escalates, rather than bad. Since the latter drives us back inside themselves, in their feelings, in their thoughts.
Please note, on the device of your body. On his condition and how it affects you. Think about how you behave and feel and how aware of yourself and your surroundings, if your body is in tension. And what happens in a situation when you are relaxed and free.
And finally, take everything that is happening in the moment with you. Sometimes it seems impossible due to the turbulent feelings and emotions that are engulfing you about the immediate events. But even if it is already happening and you realize it, then you can change all that and your attention almost at the peak of perfection.