You consciously dwell in loneliness, so that no one inadvertently offended you a sidelong glance or a rude word. You stubbornly refuse to believe in their own attractiveness, which even friends tired to remind you, waving at you. If these words are true, think what happens to their own lives. Look at yourself as if from outside. Who do you see? The person who collects the ridicule in his address? Now, mentally embrace yourself and get ready to change.
Stand at a mirror that showed your reflection in full growth. Consider yourself entirely, paying attention to even the most insignificant detail. Study your body carefully and don't miss a single detail. Then say out loud and forcefully: "This is me. Now I love myself the way I am". Repeat these words as often as possible throughout the day.
Watch young children. They love to run around naked and see themselves for who they are. The body is a tool that children use to the maximum. Instead of thinking about the reflection in the mirror, they have many other interesting and joyful things in life, which gives them real pleasure.
Smile to yourself and others. Compliment his body, adequately, take them from others. Realize your importance in this house, the city, on this planet. Your presence on it is valuable in itself, and still have family and friends. And they love you not for your beautiful eyes or antique profile, and perceive your personality as a whole, with all the baggage of faults and virtues.
No matter what metamorphosis takes place with the appearance, remember that your body is unique, another person on the ground there. Your imaginary inconsistency kind of stereotypes, perhaps, is the highlight, which you love native people. Do not aspire to the ideal, which does not happen in nature, and self. After all, if you do not love yourself as you love others?