Try to correct the deficiencies that are so troubling you. Do some sport, select a suitable diet, use creams that will fix this problem. Consult your doctors, if you do not help the usual methods.
Hide or mask the subject of uncertainty, if you are not able to get rid of it. Use cosmetics to hide skin blemishes or small pimples. Choose clothing that emphasizes your winning places – the bust, slim waist or slender legs. People will notice this part of the body, which will Eclipse the flaws of your figure.
Try to love yourself with all the pluses and minuses. Consider carefully your naked body, find all its dignity. Smile to yourself and take a compliment, but not mentally, and aloud. Praise his slim waist/pretty eyes/long hair. When will another attack of hesitation, remember your compliment and smile.
Do not focus attention on the complexes. Most often they don't even notice what you care about. But if you specify it, or simply their behavior will show their confusion - this deficiency will begin to be evident. So try to act like you have no flaws.
Proper gait will add your figure additional advantages. Don't slouch when you walk, lift your chin, pull your stomach and Apatite chest. Go gradually, don't rush, it will be very good if you can practice your gait at home in front of the mirror.
Don't spoil your look even more, trying to hide the flaws. Do not wear oversized hoodies, if you have a few extra inches at the waist. Pick clothes that will hide them, but will emphasize other virtues.
Use the light in their favor. In an intimate setting don't try to hide in darkness, just dim light. Twilight will lubricate all the drawbacks, and you will not be able to hide from their loved one.