Select the appropriate utensils for cooking polymer clay in a microwave oven – it can be a bowl of any material other than ceramics and clay. Pour in a bowl an amount of water below its level of two-thirds of covered product.
The larger the product the greater the cooking time and the size should be proportional to the volume of the container for cooking. For example, if you are going to cook simple beads, do not use too large a bowl.
Cooking time is calculated, based on the fact that every millimeter of the thickness of the product boiled for one minute. To the obtained number of minutes according to the thickness, add another three minutes and you will get the optimal time of provarivanija plastics.
A common disadvantage of this method work with the plastic – white bloom that forms on the surface of the product and spoil its original color. In fact, the color of the plastics during cooking does not change – whitish color is not talking about the fade-resistant plastics, and the precipitate, which formed on the surface of the product after cooking.
The white layer you can easily remove the fine sandpaper again and you will see the original color of the plastic. In addition, you can minimize the risk of white residue – so as the precipitate is a consequence of the hardness of the water you can use filtered purified water in which salts and sediments is much smaller, and thus precipitate on the surface of the clay will not.
Also you can before cooking separately boil the tap water – all salts will be deposited on the utensils and water will be cleaner. Small white plaque that can form on the surface of the product, it is easy to remove with a cotton swab dipped in citric acid.
The container you have chosen for melting the plastics, use only a technical, but not for food purposes to avoid poisoning. In order to ensure that the product does not lose shape in the cooking process, pre-slowly lower it in mildly boiling water on the spoon, which also cannot be used for food purposes.
Do not have to use a microwave for cooking – you can cook the product on the plate in any selected for this purpose a saucepan. The main thing is to observe proper cooking time and then rinse the product under running cold water.