Advice 1: How to write a national anthem

Anthem is a work of musical and literary genre. It is based on two primary genres – the song (vocal music) and March (solemn, rousing music). The anthem's music can sometimes become a hallmark of countries, cities, businesses, other community people and institutions. There are no restrictions in the choice of the author and the addressee of the hymn, therefore, to compose the national anthem can be anyone who finds the strength to do this.
How to write a national anthem
The literary basis of the hymn is strophic (couplet) form. In other words, it is written from two to four stanzas 4-8 lines outlining the attitude and opinion of the author on the subject of chanting, and an additional stanza (the future chorus) sums up all the contents of the text contains words of praise and glorification.
Strictly follow the rhythm in a poetic text. Any discharge will be perceived when singing particularly bright and will create the impression of incompleteness, of "dampness" of the text.
The content should be related to the glorification of the name of the addressee. Typically, the text consists of simple words that ordinary poetry can be perceived as banal, pretentious and unacceptable. However, in the hymns of the abuse of clichés and templates can result in failure. Therefore, moderate amounts of exercise originality and freshness of thought.
The music of the anthem is based on the genre of the March, so most of the hymns written in 4/4 time or 2/4 – in these sizes are convenient to March: step the feet correspond to either only even or only odd share. However, such hymns as "Holy war" (after all, this song is written in the genre of the hymn) and "Gaudeamus", have a size 3/4. Although they are perceived as a solemn March under them rather difficult at one and the same leg have the strong, the weak share.
In the hymn no melodiousness and Jubilate, that is one poetic syllable has one note. It unites the national anthem everyday speech. In addition, ordinary people are easier to remember and reproduce a tune.
As a rule, in the hymn is not used solo singing, and choral. Stands out the melody (usually soprano), but there are henchmen. The melody is difficult to distinguish in the choral hymn of 5-6 votes. The optimal number is 2-3 of the voice. If the chorus more, one of the parties can be duplicated in the unison or in octaves.
The solemnity attach items such as the dotted rhythm, gallop of a fourth, fifth and octave, postoyannye ascending movement. Other variations in tonality and modulation are not used, so as to distract from the poetic text.
Instrumental accompaniment can be represented by the orchestra, ensemble, piano or no. In the latter case the number of votes in the choir can be increased to create a greater depth and density. In the presence of instrumental accompaniment supporting voices must be heard in the pauses between phrases of the chorus, the rest of the time stressed and emphasized by them. In some cases may duplicate one of the tools of melodic parts.

Advice 2 : Who wrote the lyrics of the anthem of Russia

The state anthem of the Russian Federation is one of the main official symbols of the country, along with the Russian coat of arms and flag. The basis of the text and music for a new hymn, written in 2000, was borrowed from the Soviet anthem, the author of the music of which is Alexander Alexandrov.
Who wrote the lyrics of the anthem of Russia

Anthem and its importance

From the ancient Greek word "hymn" is translated as "solemn song", an ode to someone or something important and great. The anthem is performed in special or urgent cases – he sounds when assuming the office of President, leadership of state authorities, as well as at the beginning and end of the sessions of the State Duma and the Federation Council. In addition, the national anthem is played during military events, national holidays, parades, sporting events and meetings/wires of the heads of state.
Today the anthem is the song dedicated to the Motherland and glorify its power and the greatness of his poems.

The national anthem of every country. Every citizen must respect the symbols of their state and know the words of the hymn of the Motherland by heart. The current anthem of Russia Vladimir Putin approved by decree on 30 December 2000. For the first time residents of the Russian Federation heard the new national anthem new year's eve 2001.

The author of the new Russian national anthem

The right words to the modern anthem of Russia managed to write Soviet writer and poet Sergei Mikhalkov, who is also the author of the State anthem of the USSR. In the verses of a new hymn he brilliantly reflected the greatness and power of Russia, the beauty of its vast open spaces and rich history of the great and invincible country. Mikhalkov has managed to combine his creation, people of all nationalities who love Russia, proud of her and wish her prosperity for many centuries.
Unlike the coat of arms and flag, which is also the official state symbols, the national anthem can not only see but also hear.

The author of the music of the new Russian State anthem has become a great choral conductor and composer Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov. For the first time this melody sounded in the Great Patriotic war, supporting soldiers of the red army and Navy, fighting against the Nazi scourge.

Beautiful, solemn and majestic music makes each Russian citizen to feel a sense of pride in their country, and that is easy to remember the words vividly describe the endless fields of Russia, its rivers, lakes, villages and cities. Russian anthem is know virtually worldwide, because it is a masterpiece that was created by two patriots of their Motherland, loving her with all my heart.
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