You can also become short, Santa Claus, if you sew yourself a hat. Select a material for the cover and its color. The cap can be red or green, for the granddaughter of Santa Claus can be done white hat. The material for the cap can serve as a shiny satin or a soft fleece, the hood may be made of warm wool.
Make pattern of the hood. Take a sheet of drawing paper or newspaper if there is no large sheet of drawing paper. Determine the center of the sheet and mark it with a Sharpie. Tip your cap. Take a piece of twine, a length corresponding to the height of the hood, tie at one end of the pencil. The second end of string, keep your finger on marked the top of the cap.
Pull the string and draw another hand in pencil semicircle. Note the semicircular sector, the circumference of which is equal to the circumference of your head. Cut out the resulting pattern out of paper.
Take your hood made of selected material made by the pattern, the seam on both sides 1 cm from the bottom 3-4 cm.
Sostrochite cap on the side seam from the inside. Smooth the seam with an iron. For finishing the hood take a strip of white material. It can be all the same fleece or a piece of white faux fur. Strip length equal to the circumference of your head plus allowances for seams at 1 cm from both sides. The width of the strips should equal the widths of the two lapel hat plus seam, 3-4 cm Width of the lapel depending on your desire.
Stitch the lapel on the side of the short seam from the inside, smooth the seam with an iron. Fold the hood with a strip of cuff, right sides together and pristrochite on the bottom edge. Ensure that the side seams of the hat and the lapel was a match. Smoothen the seam iron to the side of the hood.
Fold down lapel and tuck it inside the cap. Sew the bottom part of the lapel seam to the hidden way.
Decorate the finished hat with pompom of white material left over from the cut out of the lapel, and sparkling snowflakes-applique, beaded embroidery.