The arrange documents is easy, even if too many of them. Review all available documents and make a list of the categories for which you want to sort them. Determine whether this list of subcategories. For example, in the General category of contracts it is possible to allocate the supply contracts, for the provision of services. Among the orders to allocate General orders relating to the activities of the firm, and personnel orders.
When the category list is compiled, determine how and what you put documents. Confirm with the user the cost of purchasing of stationery (folders, files, colored stickers), because to engage in the sorting and distribution of documents nicer if you don't have to mess with the old crumbling folders.
Sort existing documents in accordance with your compiled list. Place them in different stacks. If necessary, mark them with a pencil or stick a sticker (to avoid confusion in the sorting process).
Evaluate whether to put the documents in one category (subcategory) folder, and hem them. Documents to go by the date of their compilation. Usually in everyday work documents are filed as their creation, the most recent documents are at the top. When transferring files to the archive, the order changes (top is the earliest document on the bottom, the most recent by date).
If you file in one folder documentscreated in different years, to visually separate one year from another by means of a coloured sticker or a larger sheet. These bookmarks are easily searchable document in the future.
Make a register of all filed documents with the indication of important information (document number, date of compilation, the content). Place the registry or to all documents (top) or clip it on the cover of the folder. Note, however, that the folder may be updated with new documents, so leave the registry free graphs, which can be filled in when you attach the next document.
As necessary, make a register of all document folders indicating the contents of each folder, the date of its creation and the end of the reference, storage location and so on. Arrange the folders so that they were easy to use and did not have to "break" them using a ton of recycled paper.