You will need
  • colored paper, glue stick, photographs, magazine clippings, stickers
To personal diary is your second "I" does not require much effort. Enough to decorate a notebook or Notepad with your own photos, photos of family and friends. On the first page you can put a photo-story about yourself. Then many years later, when you open a treasured notebook, can remember a lot more.
If you like to describe in the diary only bright events that happen to you, put the pictures after recording. Review flashcards with parties or trips to concerts (especially if they are accompanied by records of experiences) - a very entertaining pastime.
If the diary you like to describe everything that is happening around them, individuality will help to add collages of magazine clippings. You can for example take several pages to images of dreams, and from different pictures to create what you want: learn English (British flag), to go to Bali (photo of the ocean), lose weight (photo slim girls), marriage (wedding dress), etc. after some time you can Supplement the collage is made wishes to a picture of the certificate of completion of courses, yourself in a wedding dress, etc.).
If you love crafts, then take a diary of your liking is not difficult. Glue the cover with colored paper, lace, beads, attach the endpapers to the beautiful ribbons that none of your secret showed up on anyone's eyes, except you.
Forums for scrapbooking (as it is called direction), you can find many ideas and tips how to decorate a diary.