You will need
  • Disc with karaoke, computer, flash drive, blank.
Copying the discand karaoke on the hard disk. To copy a disc with karaoke on the hard disk of your computer, you must perform the following steps. On the hard drive, create a folder and name it any name. To do this, open any partition on the hard diskand right click mouse, select "Create" - "New folder".
After that you have to insert the disc with karaoke in the drive of the computer. Waiting for the download, cancel the autorun and go to "My computer". Move the mouse cursor on the icon of the discand karaoke, and then click the right mouse button. In the displayed list of commands, select open. Select all the files you will see the following screen and then, press Ctrl+C. Open a previously created folder, then click in it, Ctrl+V. the System copies the ROM into this folder.
Copying the discand karaoke to a CD. To rewrite the disc on the disc, you should repeat all steps that were described in the first step. After the information from the media will be copied to a folder on your computer, remove the disc from karaoke and insert the clean disc, equal in memory capacity. Once the drive is ready, copy the media files with karaoke by selecting them in the folder on the hard drive and dragging them to the folder drive. Will start the recording process, after which you will be able to copy the disc with karaoke on other media.
Copying the discand karaoke to the memory card. You can also copy the disc with the karaoke on a flash drive. To do this, insert the memory card into the USB port, and then, create a directory for karaoke files. Also as in the first step, insert the disc with karaoke in computer drive, and then canceling the auto-start, copy all the information from it by highlighting and Ctrl+C. Open the USB flash drive prepared folder and click it right-click. Click "Paste". The information from the discand karaoke will be transferred to the flash card. In the future you will be able to transfer files to any media type.