Advice 1: How to open my cart

Sometimes user faces problems, which arise during work with the operating system Windows XP or Windows Vista. For example, your desktop may disappear or basket it may not open. There are several ways to get back the recycle bin icon on the desktop.
How to open my cart
You will need
  • The "conductor" of the operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista.
In Windows XP the recycle bin is created for each partition of the hard drive: if your hard disk partition 4, so baskets will be on your computer. BY default. These baskets are hidden from the eyes of users, but you can see them on the disk partitions, if you enable show hidden files.
Open any folder in a Windows Explorer, click the top menu "Tools" and select "folder options". In the window that opens, navigate to the View tab and in the "Additional options" uncheck "Hide protected operating system files". In response to this action, your system will issue a warning, despite the gravity of the warning message, click Yes. In the "folder Properties" click "Apply" and "OK".
Now run "file Explorer" on any section and you will see the hidden folder with the trash icon RECYCLER. Opening it, you can delete all the unnecessary files. It should be noted that this folder will only be deleted files in this section. To remove files other partition, it is necessary to open them.
There are many other ways to restore the recycle bin icon on the desktop. If you have worked with the registry Windows XP operating system, and in particular with the registry editor, Regedit, you will not be difficult to add the folder {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\

You can restore the recycle bin icon by using the edit settings "Group policy". Click the start menu, select Run. In the opened window, enter the value gpedit.msc, and then click OK.
In the window "Group policy", click "Administrative templates" from the list "user Configuration", then select "desktop". In the new window, select "Remove Recycle bin icon from desktop". Navigate to the "Status" tab and select "Not configured" then click "OK".
In the Windows Vista operating system problems with the disappearance of trash icon is practically not observed. To restore the icon through the applet "Personalization". Click "start menu", go to "control Panel", select "Personalization". In the opened window, in the left pane, select "Change desktop icons". Now it only remains to select the trash can icon and put a mark next to "Display".

Advice 2: How to recover deleted emails in mail

The user e-mailbox, reading a letter, often removes it to the recycle Bin. On purpose or by mistake. Sometimes there are cases when the deleted messages you want to restore.
How to recover deleted emails in mail
Login to your electronic mailbox.
Open the folder "Trash", "Deleted items" or equivalent folder where deleted emails. The folder name depends on the service of providing electronic mail services.
Look in the folder you are interested in writing. To facilitate the search you can use the button "Sort". In this case, a popup window will appear where you can choose the way of sorting: by date (newest first/oldest first), author (A to z/z to A), topic (from A to z/z to A).
Find the appropriate letter and mark it for restoration. For this box next to the heading of the letter you need to put a "tick" and click on the button "Move", selecting the folder to move.
After done action open the folder to which you moved the selected letter, and find him.
Open the "Settings" of the email. Locate the instruction to "Clear the deleted items folder on exit". If you set this function, the deleted messages will not be saved after completion and exit from the box. They will be removed automatically from the Recycle bin. In this case, to recover the letter is not possible.

Some services for providing electronic mail services are customized after a certain period of time automatically delete emails in the Deleted items folder. Typically, this period is 7 calendar days. In this case, to recover the letter is not possible.
Useful advice
For preservation of letters, being the most important, create an Inbox special folder. Move the required emails into this folder as needed.

In order not to accidentally delete important emails, mark them with a check box. For this next to the title of the letter there is a special window, clicking on which will appear a red flag calling your attention to the importance of the letter. Or above the list of emails click on the line "Mark" in the pop-up window check the "check". This stamp will allow you to visually highlight important messages and minimizes the risk of accidental deletion.
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