You will need
  • Prepared wood (for the soundboard – maple, ash, mahogany, alder, Linden; fingerboard – maple, mahogany; for lining – plum, pear, maple, walnut, rosewood, ebony, veneer for head of the fretboard – almost any beautiful wood, body maple, ash, mahogany);
  • Fittings;
  • Electronics (sensors single-coil, humbucker);
  • Tools (jigsaw, sander and strips of different grit: P36(40), P60, P80, P100, milling machine and video cutter, electric drill and drill bits for metal 9 mm, 6 mm, 3 mm, 2 mm, wood 12 mm, 22 mm, 19 mm, 26 mm. drill for concrete 8 mm, compressor unit, it is a spray gun and cans of paint or varnish, a plane, a Jack plane, knives, carpenter's clamps, pliers, Phillips screwdriver, pliers, hammer, jig saw, hand, knife, nail files, nail file with a clean cut and a wide blade for straight cuts, with a narrow canvas).
Prepare the room for work. It should be a constant temperature and humidity. Changes in physical conditions can lead to deformation of wood.
Prepare the wood for the hull and cut out the shape. When it starts to dry out, treat it with the planer and a sander.
How to make an electric guitar
If you wish to draw the beauty of "the carpet" on the template and cut out. Then transfer to the body and cut with the router.
Make a hole under Jack and pickups. Connect all the cavities together. Make a hole, connect it with the humbucker. Using the sample classified as connect with single humbucker. Make the holes for the potentiometers and switch.
Make a groove under the fingerboard: the first mark with the pencil and then cut out using the limiter.
Make the fretboard. Glue it in two layers (the fingerboard and pickguard). Grind it. File complete curves, depending on the purpose of the guitar.
How to make an electric guitar
Fabricate headstock better angle to it. All hole saw hand jigsaw. Don't forget about the holes for the tuning pegs.
How to make an electric guitar
The holes under the frets. The distance between them depends on the length of the scale and type of guitar.
Hammer frets in. Give them the radius of the overlay, bevel on the sides with a file and even out the skin.
Connect the neck and head, then the neck and body.
Paint the guitar. First primer, then two coats of paint, then a final layer of varnish. Each layer must dry before applying the next.
Solder electronics. Avoid overheating of the elements.
How to make an electric guitar
Rebuild the scale, pull the strings. The guitar is ready.
How to make an electric guitar