To begin, decide what kind of apartment and at what price you plan to purchase in St. Petersburg (from the Builder, a secondary housing, the old Fund). Select the area you want to settle down, from the point of view of infrastructure, proximity to the center and your financial capabilities.
Please note that any apartment in the city center are more expensive than apartments on the outskirts, even if it is part of the former communal apartment without repair in a poorly renovated house. But fortunately, apartments in Saint Petersburg are still somewhat cheaper than in Moscow, and the inhabitants of communal apartments is not always eager to stay.
If you intend to buy an apartment from the developer, check out not only the advertising information provided by the company involved in the construction of the house. Take a trip to the construction site and rate the district in which is erected a house, find out the percentage of its readiness. Given the fact that the apartments in the houses of high availability are more expensive, buying them is much safer from the point of view of the instability of today's market situation, especially if you plan to stay in this house as soon as possible. However, if you buy an apartment at an early stage of building a house, you have the opportunity to negotiate with the architect on the adjustments in the layout of your future home.
In that case, if you decided to buy myself a nice apartment on the secondary housing market, take note of the fact that in the Northern capital has its own nuances for the acquisition of real estate. The secondary housing market in St. Petersburg is varied largely because many houses of the old Fund are not subject to demolition to preserve the historic appearance of the town centre, which is under the patronage of UNESCO. The procedure of purchase of apartments in buildings built after 1917, the same as in other subjects of the Russian Federation.
If you want to buy apartment in the house of the old Fund, of the mortgage, you definitely need an expert opinion about the liquidity of housing, even if it was recently repaired. Without such advice the Bank will not give you credit.