1. Artificial nails should not be treated with products containing acetone. Acetone can ruin as acrylic and gel nails, so the nail varnish you need to choose correctly.

2. To properly care for your nails will help special nail files and polishers, by which it is possible to adjust the shape and length of nails. These manicure tools will allow you to correct any defects without damaging the nails.

3. Artificial nails are quite durable, but should not be too much to try it out. These nails are contraindicated any punches on a hard surface.

4. The cuticle of the nails also needs constant care between treatments and adjustments. To make it soft and to prevent the Burr, you need to nourish and moisturize the cuticle of various creams and oils, which include all the necessary vitamins.

5. Artificial nails are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Due to sharp changes in the structure of the artificial nail can become brittle, leading to possible damage even from weak strike force.

6. The important point is to properly care for your nails, is the use of only high-quality varnishes in the coating of gel, acrylic nails.

7. Correction of artificial nails you need to do this once a month. During this period your natural nails grow, and the artificial become weak, so you want to cover emerging space of new material for building.

8. It is not necessary to remove the broken nail on their own and especially to remove the nails at home. Their shoot by means of the special tool within one hour, and in the home can damage your natural nails, which will break down and begin to exfoliate.

9. You need to remember is that nail Polish on artificial nails lasts much longer. So no need to paint them with a thick layer of varnish, nails need to breathe.

Nail care does not require you serious effort. You should use only quality vehicle and be neat, then your beautiful artificial nails will stay very long.