To start carefully cut the laminated part of the nail, trying to give it a nice shape. Carefully undercut free edge using a fine nail file. To strengthen the layer of the nail plate, apply a calcium gel, which includes vitamins B2 and B5.
Eliminate from the usual cosmetics liquid varnish remover containing acetone. Better use the funds, which is composed of protein or calcium, they are ideally suited to repair damaged nail plates.
Increased fragility of the nail may occur because of excessive dryness, but most of the breakage is a result of lack of calcium. In this case, help drugs with a high content of this trace element. They help to strengthen, increase elasticity and nail growth. To restore the water balance will need oils or creams for nails, a special varnish with the addition of the humidifier.
To solve problems with cuticle good massage with protein butter or cream (except for the protein it needs to be vitamin E, paraffin wax and essential oils). Massage increases blood flow to the nail root, makes the cuticle's growth slow, accelerates the growth of healthy nails. Do this every time after you perform a manicure.
To remove the arisen irregularities and striations on the surface of the nail using nail files polishing and levelling of the varnish. In addition, pay special attention to the cuticle due to improper handling which originated this trouble.
Become a happy owner of a healthy, beautiful and well-groomed nails is not as difficult as it seems. Most importantly - systematically and properly care for them using appropriate cosmetics. Try not to overdo too often the nails, take care of the beauty of natural nails.