You will need
    • 10 g of gelatine;
    • 300 ml of the syrup or broth
    • 100 ml of water.
Read the recipe and determine the amount of gelatinneeded. Remember that in tablespoon it is placed approximately 8 grams.
Measure gelatinpour cold boiled water. Take 50 ml of water for every 5 g of gelatin. Mix well and leave for 40 minutes for the swelling of the crystals in gelatin.
The swollen gelatin heat, stirring constantly, over low heat until crystals dissolve. Do not allow it to boil! Gelatin should be dissolved at a temperature of 50-60 degrees.
If the individual grains are not dissolved, strain the heated gelatin.
The gelatin solution cool to room temperature and mix thoroughly with the broth, cream, beaten egg whites, milk or syrup.
Pour the jelly according to the forms and put a few hours in the fridge to solidify. If you want the jelly froze quickly, it can be placed in the freezer to cool and set to harden in the refrigerator. Jelly, frozen in the freezer, it will become watery and will be spoiled.
The bottom of the form with a frozen jelly dip for 5-10 seconds in hot water. Cover the form with a plate, flip it over and gently shake out.
Decorate Jell-o with fruit, berries and serve.
Bon appetit!