You will need
    • potatoes - 6 PCs;
    • vegetable oil - 1/3 of a bottle.
First of all, peel and rinse the potatoes. Clean the potatoes , dry with a towel. But don't use paper, as it will quickly tear, and "lumps" of it will remain on the potatoes. Delete very hard.
Each potato is cut into strips. But make sure its thick. It should be approximately 0.5-1 cm Well length, respectively, will be equal to the length of the potato tuber.
Pour the oil in a pan or in a deep pan. The amount depends on how much you cook the potatoes, but consumption should not exceed 1/3 of the bottle. Will rascality frying pan or a saucepan to the boiling point of the oil.
Small portions put the potatoes into the boiling oil. If you use the pan, the oil will coat the potatoes completely. If you take a pan that is partially. When cooking in the pan is necessary to monitor the fries and flip her so she cooked evenly. The party should be small, otherwise the potatoes will lower the oil temperature and not cooked through properly.
Take it out and drop in a colander so that excess oil is drained. At this time, dip the next batch of future free. Usually do small portions of potatoes, as it is good hot.
Then again, place the whole potatoes in boiling oil. Turn up the heat to maximum. When she will become a light brown color, drain it in a colander and allow to drip off of vegetable oil. Salt the potatoes to taste. Bon appetit.