You will need
  • Photo album, ribbon, lace, scissors, thread, needle, cardboard, markers, clay, nuts, seeds, varnish
Make a unique family photo album. To do this, purchase an ordinary album in any store and decorate it with the tastes of your grandmother. This will help fabric, ribbon, lace. Inside my album, I write short memories about important events in the life of your family, gather pictures, reminiscent of touching moments. And of course, leave the place in order to make and record new memories. This album will be passed on in your family from generation to generation.
A grandmother addicted to needlework. Make it interesting pincushion-doll. Take a sheet of cardboard, draw the shape of dolls. Paint your doll, leaving room on the bottom for a round pin cushion. The pincushion also make out a small circle of cardboard and cloth. Between the cardboard and fabric fill the space with foam or cotton wool. This doll can be hung on the wall near the chest of drawers where are stored the materials for needlework.
Give a vase. Take a simple glass vase or bottle. Cover the entire surface of the clay. Decorate the top seeds, nut shells, grains. It is possible to write something. Cover with a clear or colored varnish to secure. This vase will be a great addition to the interior and will remind grandma about you. Just make sure make sure the vase is not empty, give your grandma flowers.
If these options seem complex to you, just make a card, decorating it with cutouts of paper or clay. Gather a bouquet of wild flowers. Most importantly, invest in this gift. Grandma will appreciate any gift, if you present it with love.