Allow the skin in order to simultaneously and quickly as possible, using modern cosmetics, but the effect lasts exactly as long as we use this tool. Gels, serums, creams for the maintenance of good tone, restoring it requires radical measures. This does not need to visit expensive salons to hire the services of beauticians. All this can be done at home, creating effective cleansing, nourishing and toning mask of available products.The first thing you need to do is pass a medical examination and make sure that the poor condition of the skin – not a consequence of the disease.
Pay attention to your diet, type of vitamin food, avoid spicy, fatty, sweet, flour.
Analyze situations in which you are. Stress, irritation, frustration and psychological distress is detrimental to the skin. If anything in life you cannot change, try to change your attitude to it and to yourself. Care for their own face and body and then a noticeable result, it helps to enhance self-esteem, and assertiveness.
Water, moisture vital skin care. Strong coffee, black tea should be replaced with fresh juices, green tea, plain drinking water. In the morning you can drink a glass of cool boiled water with lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. An ice cube of frozen parsley juice, lemon or cranberry is very cheer you and your skin. Ice wrap in a napkin, so as not to injure the skin with sharp edges.
Very increase tone and turgor of the skin of the whole body of swimming, but if this is not possible, and done in the morning exercises from the Arsenal of Pilates or aerobics, and then a contrast shower, it can replace it. To consolidate the effect should be applied to the skin of the face cream and on the skin of the body is a special essential oil. This morning program will pretty soon give positive results, the skin tone improves, the complexion becomes fresh.