Of course, to completely wean the kitten to scratch is very difficult, but at least you can try to reduce the amount of scratches, daily get you and your family while playing with a kitten.

  1. One of the simplest options is to accustom your kitten to a regular nail trimming. In fact, many owners of cats about once in three weeks cut their Pets grow sharp tip of the claw. This simple procedure will protect all households from accidental scratches.

  2. To wean the kitten to scratch, it is not necessary to apply draconian measures in the form of corporal punishment. You need to accustom your kitten to the word "no." The word any cat should know from an early age. In order for the command "no" has no effect on the kitten at least some action, says it is necessary to sharply and loudly – almost the same tone with which dog owners say their Pets "yuck."

  3. Once you said to the kitten "no", you should immediately turn the attention of the animal on any toy so you can distract him from thoughts of scratching. In the end, should form a logical chain: the cat will understand that the hands or the feet of the master is not a toy, it is better to play something rustling, clicking or rolling. By the way, make sure the kitten has enough toys then the animal will always know what to do. If the kitten uses you as a climbing tree – it's better to go to concessions and get him a real tree for climbing. Today, many pet stores sell excellent trees for climbing, is a real cat complexes with bars, houses, hammocks, shelves. If your house has a tree, a kitten will always find something to do on the surface of the tree to sharpen its claws and climbed to the top of the structure, the kitten will spend the extra energy.

  4. If the kitten is mad in earnest, and tries to attack you, to bite or scratch, it is necessary to hiss at him and hiss should be as long as the cat is not scared and will not lag behind. It is desirable then to offer him something tasty, such a treat will become a symbol of reconciliation.