If you are celebrating a wedding in the restaurant, just specify the number of guests, negotiating a lease – the restaurant staff themselves calculate the amount of alcohol that would be needed for your guests. In the restaurant there is always a supply of drinks, so if something is not enough – it won't be a problem.
In that case, if you are planning a budget wedding, you'll have to do some calculations. First, you will need to know the number of guests. Secondly, about to imagine how much they are drinking, if you do not, then for each of the guests is taken to be the average amount of alcohol.
Traditional wedding beverages is champagne, vodka and wine. Recently at a wedding tables are increasingly present cognac. Champagne will need some "unscheduled" bottles – the first opened in the registry office, once the couple sign, the second usually have already on the street, before you get in the car. Also there is a tradition according to which two bottles left after the wedding. The first of them should be open on the anniversary celebration and the second when the couple first child is born.
To calculate the amount of champagne for the wedding party, keep in mind that you will need it, even those who will not to drink – champagne is poured into glasses to toast. A couple of glasses of champagne will be drunk almost every guest, so at least 250 ml per person, but it is better to be approximately 0.5 l or more. If champagne is one of the main drinks, then consider 1l per person in larger quantities is not necessary. But, as champagne used in contests and sweepstakes, in any case, buy a few bottles.
Wine is usually a wine purchase at the rate of approximately 750 ml per person. About what to choose, red or white – if you do not know the preferences of the guests, buy both. Sometimes this problem is solved, when considering the menu of a wedding reception.
Vodka on the Russian weddings is always present. Its calculation should be done on the basis of alcoholic abilities, because some weddings 300ml per person is too much, while others spent nearly 1l per person. 300-500ml is the average rate when calculated per person.
Cognac, vermouth, gin, whisky and other drinks are usually acquired by subtracting the same number on the strength of the drink from the "mandatory" category.
Remember that at the wedding are bound to be people who don't drink or don't drink. Take care that the table was mineral water, juice, Cola, lemonade is a matter of preference.