Pay attention to the behavior of the pigeon. If it is:- unnatural turns head;- spinning in one place;- can not get a beak at the stern;- stands or walks unsteadily, or even collapses on its side;- in-flight crashes into obstacles,it means that maybe he's sick of Newcastle disease, which causes brain damage and Central nervous system. However, in order to verify this, collect some pigeon feces and take it to a veterinary clinic for tests (PCR). These symptoms can be characteristic of other diseases. For example, ornithosis or salmonellosis.
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Pigeons suffer Ortakoy mainly in autumn and winter, as it is this time of year they are particularly vulnerable to infections due to the weakening of the body. The mortality is very high as 70-80%, but with timely and proper treatment of the bird can be saved. Contact your veterinarian for advice and follow the course assignments.
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Immunostimulants (fosprenil, immunofan) give the patient the dove of 0.1-0.3 ml once a day for 20 days. These drugs can be injected in the breast, or to drink of the dove. A combination of two or more adjuvants should not be given, it is better to increase the deadline of any one of them.
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Buy in a regular pharmacy piracetam and let the dove once a day for ¼ of the capsule. This medication has a beneficial effect on the Central nervous system and improves brain blood circulation. So as this drug has almost no side effects, give it in a long time. Open the capsule of piracetam, pour its contents on a clean sheet of paper, spread ¼ of 1 ml of water and allow the pigeon to drink the solution with a syringe. If the dove refuses to drink it, roll up your dose of medication in a piece of bread and feed the bird.
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Buy special vitamins for pigeons (catosal, VitaSol). A course of vitamins usually lasts for 14 days, but in some cases it can be extended until the disappearance of symptoms.
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To the dove arose from so many drugs with the gastrointestinal tract and the liver, add him to feed finely crushed karsil or Linex. During the entire course of treatment help the bird eat and drink: don't give her solid food, give with a syringe or pipette.