You will need
  • sawdust, boards, nails, tools, neskorenyi rail with a square cross-section (7x7 cm).
Obrapia house from all sides. If you want to give your home authenticity, remember - in a traditional Siberian house the bench is not made by that wall, where there is a door.
The ground should be cleaned of grass and roots.
To make along each wall smooth rectangular recess a depth of 5 cm, a width of 30-50 cm Width of a bench depends on whether you want to sit on it. But remember: it is desirable that the upper part of the bench was made of solid boards. Then inside will not penetrate the water. Given the angle of inclination of the upper part, equal to at least 30 cm, when the width of the bench is 50 cm Board should be equal to at least 58 see the Board very difficult to find.
Surmount neskorenykh slats frame for a future bench. To do this, attach the wall rail horizontally. She will go at a height of 50 cm above the ground.
In a recess in its perimeter also attach slats (a rectangle with one side attached to the house). Then nail to the wall of the house strips vertically (from top rack to bottom). They should be placed apart at a distance of about a meter.
Against every vertical slats put on the bottom of the recess the horizontal rail so that they split the rectangle into several parts.
Perpendicular to the ground and then fasten to the bottom rail vertical slats or bars. Their height should be less than the opposite part of the frame of the bench, nailed to the house. Remember - the angle of the top of the bench should be at least 30 cm from the ground.
On the vertical bars or slats, put another rack and secure it. The frame is ready. In the cross-section is a rectangle trapezium.
Upholster the frame sanded boards. You can process them with a special liquid that does not absorb moisture.
Fill the bench with sawdust and nail top. The bottom of the bench can also be covered with boards.