Advice 1: How to convert tons unit tons

All types of organic fuel - oil and its derivatives, gas, coal, firewood, peat is not equivalent to incineration. They have different energy reserves. But for calculations it is necessary to know the quantity stored in them energy. Therefore, for convenience of calculations in power engineering uses the concept of conditional fuel. Conventional fuel is called the fuel, the heat of combustion is equal to 7.000 kcal. 1 kg.
How to convert tons unit tons
You will need
  • calculator
For the translation of conditional fuel tons there are special tables.

To translate in conditional tons a given weight of fuel, simply multiply the number of tons by the corresponding factor. For example, one tonne of coal corresponds to Altai 0,782 tons of conditional fuel.
To transfer one ton of coal per ton of the conditional use with the table below.
Altai, 0,782

Bashkir, 0,565

Vorkuta, 0,822

Georgian 0,589

Donetsk, 0,876

INTA, 0,649

Kazakh, and 0.674

Kamchatka, 0,323

Kansk-Achinsk, 0,516

Karaganda, 0,726

Kizel, 0,684

Kyrgyz, 0,570

Kuznetsk, 0,867

Lviv-Volyn, 0,764

Magadan, 0,701

Suburban, 0,335

Seaside, to 0.506

Sakhalin, 0,729

Sverdlovsk, 0,585

Silesian, 0,800

Stavropol, 0,669

Tajik, 0,553

Tuvan, 0,906

Tunguska, 0,754

Uzbek, 0,530

Ukrainian brown 0,398

Khakass, 0,727

Chelyabinsk, 0,552

Chita, 0,483

Ekibastuz, 0,628

Yakut, 0,751
For the translation of conditional tons of other fuels use the following table (just multiply the number of tons of fuel by a factor):
Milled peat 0,34

Lump peat, 0,41

Peat litter, 0,37

Coke metallurgical, 0,99

Toxic 10-25 mm, 0,93

Coke breeze, 0,90

Fuel briquettes 0.60 to

Gas oil dry, 1,50

Leningrad shales, 0,300

Estonian shales, 0,324

Liquefied gas, of 1.57

Fuel oil, and 1.37

Bunker fuel oil, of 1.43

Oil, including gas condensate, of 1.43

Waste oil, 1,30

Diesel fuel, of 1.45

Heating oil, 1,45

Aviation gasoline, of 1.49

Petrol, of 1.49

Kerosene lighting, automotive, aviation, 1,47

Bark 0,42

Agricultural residues, 0,50

Wood scraps, shavings, sawdust, 0,36
Sometimes the conversion factors are specified only for volumes of fuel. In such cases, a conditional transfer tons or cubic meters thousand cubic meters of fuel (gas).

For the calculation of conditional tons, multiply the number of m3 or m3 of fuel at the appropriate rate.
Fuels and associated gas, thousand m3 1,3

Combustible natural gas, thousand m3 1,15

Charcoal, storage 0,93 m3

Sawdust, storage m3 0,11

Firewood, dense m3 0,266

Stumps, warehouse m3 0,12

Twigs, pine needles, wood chips, warehouse m3 0,05

Logs demolished the old buildings, railway sleepers, poles, ties, dense m3 0,266

Advice 2: How to convert ton to yards

Life sometimes poses a non-trivial task. One day my beloved man will ask you: "do you Know how to convert ton to meters?", and you will say, "Sure, you know." It's time to learn this simple manipulation, in order not to lose face.
How to convert ton to yards
You will need
  • 1. the car carrying more than a ton; 2. a ton of fence to build a fence or other household needs; 3. the tape or tape measure; 4. a piece of paper.
1. Get somewhere a ton of the fence. You can buy or rent in the store building materials for the experiment. Importantly, the weight corresponds exactly to one ton. Submerge the fence in the car and take him to a prepared place where you will be transferring tons to meters.
Unload a ton of fence in a small space where you will not be disturbed (for example, at his dacha). Armed with a measuring tape or tape measure, measure the length of each plank, fixing all on a piece of paper. The process is labor intensive, please be patient. It is recommended to put all measured boards in a separate pile, not to confuse them with have not measured the plates.
When all the boards will be measured and all data recorded, perform some simple math calculations. Fold the length of all planks to each other. You can use a calculator to perform calculations in a column or count in mind. The result will be the desired value. You moved a lot of fence (in kilograms) length (centimeters).
Useful advice
It is possible that all the boards from tons of fence will be the same length. In this case, the task is simplified - you will need to measure the length of one plank, count the boards and multiply one value by another.

Advice 3: How to convert watts to kcal

Watts, W, W – SI the unit of power was named after its maker, James watt. Watts as a measure of capacity adopted in the 1889, previously used HP – horsepower. Will not be superfluous to know how power can be transferred to other units.
How to convert watts to kcal
You will need
  • calculator.
To transfer the electrical power (occasionally say heat capacity) to any other unit of measurement, use of data on the ratio of different units. To do this, simply multiply the given number of power ratio that matches the unit of measure in which to translate.
1 Watt-hour is equivalent to only 3.57 kJ;
1 Watt is equal to 107 erg/s; 1 j/s; 859,85 cal/h; 0,00134 HP
For example, the organization pointed out a number 244,23 kW, which should translate into calories.
244,23 kW => 244,23* 1000 watts = 244,23* 1000* 859,85 => = 210 000 000 cal/h or 0.21 G cal/h
In the calculations related to power, typically use the standard consoles, especially when the measured value is too small or, on the contrary, large. This simplifies the calculations associated with the order value. Watts by itself is almost never used. Put the multiple number among a form according to the scheme given below.

1 micro (MC) => 1*0,000001
1 mile (m) = > 1*0,001
1 Santi (C) => 1*0,01
1 deci (d) => 1*0,1
1 Deka (da) => 1*10
1гекто (g) => 1*100
1 kilo (K) => 1*1 000
1 Mega (M)=> 1*1 000 000
1 Giga (G) => 1* 1 000 000 000
Find out what kind of unit of measure of heat energy required to transfer power. The options are: j or Joule – unit of work and energy; Cal (Calories) is the unit of heat energy, can be written simply as calories, and might look like this – kcal/hour.
Sometimes you have to work with very large numbers, so you can get lost in the conversion of a number to the integer part. Translate power into energy slowly and use a scientific calculator.
Useful advice
Don't confuse kW and kWh. These two units are often confused, especially when speaking about appliances. But these two units belong to different physical quantities. In watts and kilowatts measure power, i.e. the amount of energy that the device consumes per unit time. WH or kWh, they are determined by the amount of work performed by this device.

Advice 4: How to translate from Russian to Bashkir

In the Bashkir language is spoken by about 1.5 million people not only in the Urals, but also throughout Russia. Like any other, this language has its own characteristics, which can not be ignored in translation. By the way, here is important, do you own the skills of professional translation or not.
How to translate from Russian to Bashkir
If you need to translate a few simple sentences on the Bashkir language or learn the meaning of some phrases, then you can contact one of the free online translators. Such services provide two directions of translation: from Russian into Bashkir and Vice versa. However, please note that large and difficult texts (technical or literary) is not necessary to enter on such sites. Most likely, using automated translation, you will not be able to understand the meaning of the received text. Moreover, such services often make a lot of mistakes: choose the wrong meaning of the word, not guessing the theme, or do not know the value of a turnover.
To translate text from Russian into Bashkir language contact a specialized Agency. But don't give the work of untested companies with bright advertising, because this is absolutely not a guarantee that they are professionals. Look for information about companies that provide translation services on the Internet or ask for recommendations from friends: certainly there are people that something will be able to tell you about the selected firm. Minus in this case may be only one - relatively high cost for the work done. But this will be compensated by its quality.
You can also look for translator, but not through a company and directly. Go to the Bulletin Board of your city or look for forums and sites that may be offered translation services. Typically, this method is much cheaper than the previous one. True, and there is a risk to place an order is incompetent in this matter man.
If you decide to take on the translation in the Bashkir language itself, then your helpers will be online dictionaries (note: not translators, namely dictionaries) and reference books. Look online to find forums with a similar theme. They can meet lots of like-minded people, independently studying the language and are ready to help you.
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