You will need
  • a special belt for the exercise of power;
  • - bars;
  • - rod;
  • - dumbbell;
  • gymnastic bench with adjustable lifting backrest.
Wear a belt for strength training. The barbell set on the rack at a level just above the knee. It will protect you from the shock loads on the lower back.Stand in front of the bar. Feet about shoulder-width apart or slightly already. Hand straight grip the bar slightly wider than shoulders. Straighten your back, keep blades, lift the chin up. Feel the muscle tension in the neck.Remove the rod from the support and straighten. The blades do not dilute. Lower your shoulders, stretch the trapezius muscle weight bar. Then raise your shoulders as high as possible. Should work the muscles of the shoulder girdle. At the top lock position for 2 seconds. Again lower the shoulders.Perform the exercise 6-8 times. Put the rod on the support up to this point, don't relax the back.
Working with dumbbells allows you to pump the trapeze with a maximum amplitude due to the increase of mobility of the shoulder. This compensates for the lack of weight. Install the bench at an angle of 30 degrees. Grab a dumbbell and lie on the bench face down. Hands down to the floor. Pull the dumbbells upward, lifting the shoulders. Keep your scapula. The dumbbells should move in parallel. You should feel like a reduced middle part of the trapezoid. Do the exercise 10-12 times. Do three sets.
Exercise on the parallel bars allows you to pump the lower part of the trapezoid. As a result, the upper back is worked out proportionally. Please focus on the bars on straight arms. Lower body to the floor, while the elbows bend, the movement of only the shoulder joints. Keep your back straight, look ahead. Then, through the efforts of trapezoids lift the body as high up as possible and lock the position for two seconds.Perform three sets of 8 to 10 repetitions.
General requirements for exercising on a trapeze:- don't hold your breath when lifting the projectile – breath, lowering – exhale
- hold shoulders deployed, do not submit them forward.
- keep your head up. His chin is always raised, look straight ahead.
- keep your arms straight, in flexion of the arms at the elbow, the work included the biceps, and this limits the force trapezoids.
- do not take too much weight, it shortens the range of motion. The correct weight you can raise as many times as specified in the exercises, and the last repetition should be run at the limit.