Get at work the inquiry on incomes under the form 2-NDFL. Complete the tax Declaration under the form 3-NDFL, which include all income received in the previous reporting period.
Determine if you are eligible to receive a tax deduction. It is necessary to obtain the tax inspection, or to find in the Internet the tabface with a list of tax deductions, with indication of requirements and conditions for their registration. Prepare set of documents required for refunding of the tax for physical person.
Write two statements to the head of the district tax Department. In the first statement, specify that you are entitled to a tax deduction and would like to make it. The second claim is for refund of paid income tax. Do not forget to specify the props your personal account will be credited with the desired amount.
Submit tax returns, statements and necessary documents. To transmit them to the inspector personally under signature or sent by mail, which is preferable. In the second option, you must send a registered mail with the investment inventory. Be sure to save the shipping receipt, which is needed in the event of loss of documents.
Wait for the end of a Desk tax audit, which shall be held within three months from the date of filing the tax return. You will then receive a written report, which will be reported on the granting of a tax deduction or state the reasons for the refusal. In practice, this procedure can take from 4 to 16 months.
Will receive the reimbursement amount into your Bank account of the taxpayer in the Bank, which was specified in the statement. It should be noted that a natural person has the right to claim a refund of income tax for 3 years.