Traditionally used such wording in the title of the document: "the Act of reconciliation of accounts between (our company name) and (name of contractor) for the period from (date 1) (date 2)". Date 1 and date 2 is the date included in the period for which it is drawn.
The table
At the top should indicate that the act is made according to the records of our company, and the unit of settlement (rubles or another currency). The main part of the act is a table consisting of four columns: operation, maintenance of operation the debit (payment), credit (shipment).
The first line should go initial (incoming) balance is the balance of mutual settlements at the beginning of the period for which the act. The table is filled row by row operations. After listing all the transactions a separate line is considered to be the total debit and credit. The last row of the table is the end (outbound) of balance.
Signatures of the parties
After the table usually write the following sentence: "According to (our company name) on (date 2) debt (partner name) before (name of our company) is (calculated balance figures and words in brackets)". This is followed by signatures of responsible persons with the transcript name. The same signatures are provided next to the responsible persons of the company.
The reconciliation report is ready. Now it is needed to sign and leave each party 1 copy. Signed the act of reconciliation must be filed in the folder of the counterparty. In the future, it will protect against possible bad faith on the part of the vendor or buyer.